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I’m not sure why the Typhoon is named Typhoon, but I’m sure it’s because they bring a typhoon of sound every time they perform. The Portland-based band typically performs with 10 to 14 people on stage. From drums to violins to guitars to trumpets to keyboards – Typhoon has it all. I latched on the group a year or so ago, but there’s a new Typhoon jam that I just caught wind of. It’s called ‘Common Sentiments’. Take a listen!

There’s clearly a deeper meaning to ‘Common Sentiments’ (with lyrics like “Some white ghost from my past comes to split me wide open” and asking over and over “When am I going to feel better?”), but I don’t know what it is (and I don’t really care). For now, I just really like the sound of the song.

Typhoon honestly reminds me of the groups of people (some call them “hippies”) you randomly see jamming out at the city park. Instead of meeting at the local park, Typhoon just brings their instruments into the studio or on stage and they start to whale away. Unlike the folks in the park, Typhoon keeps everyone together to make an incredible sound.

Typhoon Common Sentiments

Courtesy: last.fm

NOTE: Yes, I realize that was one of my more random music observations.

‘Common Sentiments’ was released in August on a two-track vinyl called Common Sentiments 7″, but Typhoon has much bigger plans for the song. According to their website, ‘Common Sentiments’ is “the triumphant first single from Typhoon’s forthcoming full length, White Lighter (coming in 2013).” The band released a teaser video for White Lighter, but it’s still unclear when the exact release date is. I honestly can’t wait to hear more.

Like I mentioned, I started listening to Typhoon around a year and a half ago (if not longer). I’ve never bought one of their albums (they have an EP called A New Kind of House and a full-length album called Hunger and Thirst), but there are a couple of Typhoon songs I really like. ‘CPR/Claws, Pt. 2‘ is the jam that originally turned me onto them, and then I got hooked on ‘Summer Home‘ after that. Other than those two songs, ‘Common Sentiments’ and ‘Green‘ (the B-side track on the Common Sentiments 7″), I haven’t listened to Typhoon much. I plan on digging into them more now, especially when White Lighter comes out. I’ll be sure to report back with the latest!

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Typhoon Common Sentiments

Typhoon performing ‘Common Sentiments’