The Most Memorable Sports Story I’ve Ever Seen

A good sports story is supposed to draw emotion out of the viewer. You need to make the audience attach to those involved, and give them a reason to care. That’s what makes a story memorable. It’s not always easy to make an everyday sporting event unforgettable, but sometimes the circumstances come together for an incredible story. I’ve watched a lot of sports stories over the years (and I’ve even put more than a few together myself) that just didn’t grab me. But, others have left a mark. There’s one story in particular about Louis Mulkey and the Summerville High School basketball team that I’ll never forget.

I saw this story when it was first aired on ESPN’s Outside the Lines four years ago. I’ve thought about it hundreds of times since (including recently, which reminded me to share this with you). I’m not going to bore you with anymore of my words, instead I’m going to let you watch the story. The two parts are about 14 minutes combined, but — trust me — it’s worth every second.

I can’t explain why this story (more than any other story I’ve seen) left such a mark on me. Maybe it’s Louis Mulkey’s dying words to his wife, “I love you.” Maybe it’s the amazing last-second three-quarter court buzzer-beater that dashed the Summerville basketball team’s hopes and dreams. Or, maybe it’s the fact that everything Louis Mulkey predicted years before, and everything the team fought for as a tribute comes true in the end. The story literally takes you from tears of sadness to tears of joy within a matter of minutes. It has a spot with me forever — and it drives me to tell great stories on television every day.

I hope you enjoyed the story of Louis Mulkey and the Summerville basketball team as much as I do. I’d love to hear from you about it. Leave a message below or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Don’t forget to also check out more great sports coverage on