Dwight Howard Loses Shooting Contest To Mascot

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard makes millions of dollars a year as a professional basketball player, but he’s living proof that you don’t have to be a good shooter to play in the NBA. This is a prime example: Dwight Howard’s range is so bad that he actually lost a shooting contest to a mascot.

Dwight Howard recently went toe-to-toe with Los Angeles Kings mascot Bailey in a free throw/three-point shooting contest. I’d surprisingly consider this a pretty fair showdown. Bailey is hindered by a mascot outfit, but he’s probably had a chance to work on his hoops during the NHL lockout. On the other side, Howard simply can’t shoot. Three-pointers (1-33 (.030%) in his career) and free throws (.585% all-time) aren’t his strengths.

In a not-so-stunning upset (after you really crunch the numbers), Bailey the mascot beat Howard. Here’s the video:

This is a whole different story if this is a dunk contest (and Bailey doesn’t get to use one of those stunt trampolines). Unfortunately for Howard, this battle was all about shooting.

It really was a no-win situation for Dwight Howard. If he won, he was supposed to beat a stupid mascot; if he lost, than it’s a bit of an embarrassment. I appreciate that Howard had fun with the whole thing — even though he lost (supposedly “on purpose”). At the same, I feel like the Los Angeles Kings had an ace in the hole. I think they tossed Spud Webb in the mascot suit or something. That lion had a pretty nice shot.

I have a feeling we won’t see Dwight Howard go for a gimmick like this ever again.

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Dwight Howard Loses Shooting Contest To Mascot

Dwight Howard after his loss against Bailey