Evolution Fresh | The Best Orange Juice Around

My name is Tim Lewis and I’m an orange juiceoholic. It’s not just any orange juice though — it’s only the fresh squeezed stuff. You’re missing out if you’re still buying orange juice from concentrate. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every type of orange juice there is, and one stands out as my all-time favorite: Evolution Fresh orange juice.

Evolution Fresh Orange Juice

Evolution Fresh orange juice

I was introduced to Evolution Fresh orange juice at Starbucks about a year ago. I saw it sitting on the shelf and just needed to try it (thanks to my addiction to O.J.). The stuff blew my mind. It was unlike any other orange juice I’d ever had, and it was in its simplest form. The only ingredient in Evolution Fresh orange juice is oranges (five of them to be exact).

There’s a big difference in the way Evolution Fresh makes their orange juice compared to others. Evolution Fresh cold squeeze the oranges, so the juice is never heated. Most other orange juices are pasteurized. That means they’re basically flash heated to kill any organisms that might cause disease or spoilage. If you look at the orange juice in your refrigerator, I guarantee it says “pasteurized” somewhere on there — unless the O.J. in your fridge is Evolution Fresh orange juice. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that pasteurized orange juice tastes different than cold-squeezed orange juice, but I think that’s what makes Evolution Fresh really stand out.

It’s funny how our world works though. The less Evolution Fresh does with their orange juice (plain and simple — they squeeze it and bottle it); the more they charge for it. A 15.2 ounce bottle costs around $4. You can almost get an entire 59 ounce container (or larger) of other orange juices for that price. That’s almost four times the liquid for the same price. Fools like me don’t help the cause. I’m more than willing to pay $4 for a bottle of Evolution Fresh orange juice, so why wouldn’t they charge that much?

I used to only find Evolution Fresh orange juice at Starbucks (like I mentioned before), but now it’s at Safeway as well. That’s a double-edged sword. I like that Evolution Fresh is more accessible, but I can’t go to Safeway without buying some now. That means my bill for orange juice keeps shooting through the roof.

I’ve tried some of the other Evolution Fresh juices, but I don’t think they match their orange juice (although the Defense Up smoothie is pretty good). Evolution Fresh is popular enough now that they’ve even opened stores in Washington and California (serving food, juice and smoothies). I’ve visited one of their locations in Seattle, but I’ll save that experience for another post.

If you get your hands on Evolution Fresh orange juice — be warned — you’ll never look at orange juice the same again. I still buy and drink other O.J. (because they’re more affordable), but they simply don’t compare to Evolution Fresh anymore. It’s like comparing a¬†Lamborghini with a tricycle. Yes, Evolution Fresh orange juice is that good. You should give it a shot sometime!

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