The Lumineers Perform Untitled New Song

It should come as no surprise, but it sounds like The Lumineers are working on some new tunes. How can I tell? They performed a new song at Deck The Hall Ball in Seattle this week, and I was there to see it live. The Lumineers say the song is so new that they don’t even have a name for it yet (although I’m guessing they’ll call it ’Falling’ in the future).

The new song is a duet between Wesley Schultz and Neyla Pekarek (with the two often repeating “falling” in the lyrics), and they’re joined by Jeremiah Fraites on the keyboard at the end of the song. I just so happened to be recording on The Lumineers’ set when they performed their new song at Deck The Hall Ball. Take a look/listen!

NOTE: The Lumineers need to utilize Neyla Pekarek’s voice more often — she’s obviously a fan favorite.

The new song already has several fans. My sister, who was at Deck The Hall Ball with me, immediately asked if I recorded the new song (I should probably just call it ‘Falling’, so I don’t keep writing “new song” over and over again). Once I told her that I did, she insisted that I send her the video right away. I also posted a link to my video on Twitter, and a friend of mine responded by saying that “The @thelumineers new song is already a favorite of mine. So very sweet.”

The Lumineers | New Song | Falling

The Luminers at Deck The Hall Ball

The Lumineers seemed to enjoy their time at Deck The Hall Ball. On top of ‘Falling’, they performed ‘I Ain’t Nobody’s Problem‘, ‘Classy Girls’, ‘The Big Parade’, ‘Ho Hey‘ and several others. ‘Ho Hey’ actually received one of the largest cheers of the night at KeyArena (nine bands played at Deck The Hall Ball, so that’s really saying something). The crowd erupted after The Lumineers played the first note of their hit song. The band also led a fun sing-along to ‘Stubborn Love’, which included the audience singing the chorus (“So keep your head up, keep your love”) at different volumes. At one point, The Lumineers even asked everyone to put their cell phones away to “just be in the moment” with them. I thought that was pretty cool, so I put my phone directly into my pocket.

The Lumineers truly seemed to be in awe by the Deck The Hall Ball crowd. It wasn’t just your ordinary artists-sucking-up-to-the-audience either. It seemed very genuine. They admitted that KeyArena (16,641 capacity for concerts) is the largest venue they’ve ever played. The Lumineers also reminisced about some of the smaller joints they headlined in Seattle leading up to their appearance at Deck The Hall Ball. They even credited Seattle for jump-starting what turned into a huge year for them (some say the band’s leap to stardom began at the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party). A big year got even bigger for The Lumineers the day after Deck The Hall Ball when they were nominated for a Grammy. The group is one of three bands up for Best New Artist.

It’s still to be seen if The Lumineers new song (‘Falling’ — or ‘Fallin” as one of my YouTube friends suggested) is going to end up on a new album, or if The Lumineers will just perform it in concert like ‘I Ain’t Nobody’s Problem’. My friend Tove says it sounds like a song they came up with in their tour van (or whatever they cruise around in). No matter where the new song ends up, The Lumineers are coming up with new material and that’s a huge bonus for all of us.

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