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I’ve known about Vampire Weekend for a few years now, but I’ve never really listened to them. That all changed a few weeks ago when I first heard their new song ‘Diane Young’ on the radio. They released the single in advance of their new Modern Vampires of the City album, and it totally reeled me in. I bought the album the day it was released, and now I can’t get enough of it.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend performs on Saturday Night Live

I was introduced to Vampire Weekend when their song ‘Holiday‘ was featured on a Christmas commercial in 2010. I had never listened to them before, and it was one of the last times I even thought about Vampire Weekend until recently. I’ve heard people talk about the New York City-based band, but I never really understood all the hype. Their name alone was enough to turn me away (let’s just say I’m not really a fan of horror films or Halloween).

I honestly wasn’t totally sold on Modern Vampires of the City when I first listened to the previews on iTunes, but I bought the album anyway. I’m really glad that I did. I’ve listened to Modern Vampires of the City over and over since I purchased the 12-song album early last week.

The song that gets most of the airplay on the radio is ‘Diane Young.’ You’ve probably heard it by now, but here it is just in case you haven’t:

I realize this song (or even Vampire Weekend as a whole) isn’t for everyone, but I totally dig them now. There isn’t one song I skip when I listen to Modern Vampires of the City. It’s pretty rare that I like every song on an album. ‘Everlasting Arms,’ ‘Ya Hey,’ ‘Finger Back,’ ‘Don’t Lie,’ ‘Worship You‘ and ‘Unbelievers‘ are a few of my favorites.

If you haven’t listened to Vampire Weekend, I suggest checking them out. I’m just now starting to dig into some of their older stuff, and I really like what I hear. I’ll be sure to report back if I come up with some other solid finds!

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Vampire Weekend