Instagram Profiles Are Now On The Web

Instagram profiles are now on the web! The picture happy app just started making the shift from mobile devices to the internet yesterday. If you’re profile isn’t up and running yet, it will be soon. Instagram says they’re rolling out profiles over the next few days — all should be up by the end of the week.

Instagram Logo


My Instagram web profile is already in business (click here to check it out). Every Instagram profile is designed the same (and you don’t have any control in changing it). There’s a header on top that showcases some of your most recent photos in a slideshow-type format, your profile picture and bio, and then all of your Instagram photos.

You can easily find your Instagram web profile by typing in[username]. For example, you can find me at (my username is @AllAroundTim).

The Instagram web profiles appear to be more about browsing and interaction than anything else. You can’t publish new pictures from your computer (Instagram says they’re ”focused on the production of photos from mobile devices”), but you can like and comment on your friends’ photos, and you can also follow new users and edit your bio on your Instagram web profile.

I love that Instagram is expanding to the web. I think the move is long overdue (while I also realize it takes time for an app like this to evolve and develop). While Twitter and Facebook started on the web and shifted to mobile, Instagram took the opposite route. I’m just glad they made the smart move and put the app on the web now. It’s nice to finally have a link to my Instagram account that I can share with the world.

Instagram Web Profile

Instagram Web Profile

While the Instagram web profiles are exciting, they also come with limitations. The biggest issue is that there’s no Instagram homepage — it’s just individual accounts. That means there is no “news feed” per se (a place to scroll through all of the pictures recently posted by the people you’re following), instead you have to go to your friend’s accounts one-by-one to see what’s new. There is also no search function on the Instagram website, so you can only see who and what you already know. I have a feeling a “news feed” and search function will come in time (or at least I hope so).

Keep in mind that Instagram photos lose much of their quality when they’re larger, so they don’t typically look as nice on the web as they do on a mobile device. It’s no different than when you share your Instagram photos on Twitter or Facebook though.

This is a huge move for Instagram. I’m a very visual person, so Instagram is one of my favorite forms of social media. That means I’m excited about the shift. I love the fact that I don’t have to stare at my phone all day to enjoy Instagram now. I also like that there’s a new way to share your photos, and hopefully it helps expand Instagram to a whole new audience. We’ll see what happens!

What do you think of the Instagram web profiles? I’d love to hear from you. Simply leave a message below or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Don’t forget to also check out for more on social media, sports, music and more!

Connect With Me On Social Media

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a social media expert, so I stick with social media geek instead. I don’t know what it is about social media — it just draws me in. One day Twitter is my favorite, the next day it’s YouTube, and the next it’s Instagram. I’m always down to learn about the next big thing in social media.

Social media plays a key role in the television news business. Most importantly it’s immediate. Breaking news no longer has to wait until the 6pm newscast, instead information is constantly being posted on Twitter, Facebook, etc. If there’s an Amber Alert these days – I guarantee you hear about it first on social media (long before you see anything on television or even hear about it on the radio). Social media is an outlet that wasn’t available in the past, but it just might save a life now.

The other cool part about social media and broadcasting is that it has opened a line of communication between news personalities and the viewers. It used to be that the viewing audience got to know their favorite newscasters every night watching TV in their living room, but now us newscasters can get to know our fans and followers. We can have actual conversations with people we had absolutely no contact with in the past. That’s been the most fun part for me — truly making new friends over social media.

I was working in Spokane for the last five years, but I was just hired as a sports anchor/reporter in Seattle. That means a major jump in market size for me. Before I made the move to Seattle though, I had more Twitter followers than any other television personality in Spokane (as brought to my attention by I’m not trying to boast; I’m simply showing you how much passion I have for social media and how much I respect the role it plays in my profession.

Just like the thousands of followers and friends I already have on social media, I would love to get to know you too! There are plenty of places you can find me on the internet these days. Instead of searching around, I’ll make it easy for you with the following links:

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Instagram | @AllAroundTim (no link since it’s only an app)

It’s going to be interesting to see what comes up next in social media, and how it’s going to affect the broadcast industry. I can promise you this — I’ll be all over the next “big thing.” It’s becoming more clear that social media is not a fad; it’s here to stay forever (and I think it’s to the benefit of everyone).

Let’s enjoy the social networking ride together. Leave your social media information in the comment section of this post, and I’ll be sure to follow you too!