An Unbelievable View Of Greenland From The Sky

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined seeing Greenland in my lifetime. I’m a fair weather traveler, so a large country full of ice doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy. Luckily, I cruised over Greenland on my flight home from Europe in June. The view was absolutely mind-blowing, and the best part is, I got to see the ice-covered country from the comfort (and warmth) of my airplane.

Pictures of Greenland from the sky

The east coast of Greenland from my airplane

I’ll first explain how I wound up over Greenland. The last city on my European adventure was Munich. Instead of traveling to Frankfurt and flying ten hours direct to Seattle, my mom and I decided to fly from Munich to Reykjavík, Iceland (another country I never thought I’d see), and then continue home to Seattle. Or flight from Reykjavík cruised north, stayed high above the Arctic Circle and eventually dropped down through Canada into the Emerald City.

I got excited when I saw the flight plan over Greenland on my airplane monitor. I had no interest in visiting the country, but I had no problem seeing it from 35,000 feet. I was fortunate to have a window seat, so I kept my eyes glued outside. The first thing I noticed were the massive chunks of ice floating in the Atlantic Ocean. There are literally miles and miles of ice chunks leading up to the coast of Greenland (check out my picture). I had no idea that’s what it was like until I saw it in person. It was pretty unbelievable.

There were some clouds partially blocking my view between Iceland and Greenland, but the skies totally cleared right before we approached Greenland. That allowed me to have an incredible view of the country. It was beautiful — unlike anything I expected. I thought I would just see a massive ice cap (don’t get me wrong – there was plenty of ice), but there were also rocky mountain peaks and massive melt-water flows (and absolutely no green to speak of). I couldn’t take my eyes off the place, and it wasn’t just me either. One of our flight attendants got on the loud speakers and encouraged people to take a look.

A view of Greenland from the sky


My view of Greenland only lasted so long. As we approached the central part of the country (which really is just a huge ice cap that literally covers 80% of the country), the clouds rolled back in and killed the fun. It was a spectacular experience while it lasted though.

I’ll probably never fly through Reykjavík again (because I wasn’t a fan of Icelandair, and the tiny, tiny, tiny airport was crammed with people), so there’s a very good chance I won’t see Greenland again. Even though it was unintentional, the ice-covered country was definitely worth seeing once. It was a sight I’ll never forget.

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