Goalie Fight: Brandon Glover vs Austin Lotz

A Western Hockey League game between the Seattle Thunderbirds and Everett Silvertips turned wild and crazy over the weekend. A line brawl ignited late in the third period, and it eventually led to a goalie fight between Seattle’s Brandon Glover and Everett’s Austin Lotz. There was big obstacle standing between the two goalies though – a linesman.

The whole thing started after Everett’s Mirco Mueller took Seattle’s Alexander Delnov into the boards. The Thunderbirds thought it was a dirty hit, so Evan Wardley quickly took down Mueller in revenge (even though Mueller was never called for a penalty on the check). That led to a bunch of pushing and shoving, but no real goonage — until Brandon Glover decided to get involved. He sprinted down the ice after Austin Lotz. Before Glover could get there, a linesman tried to intercept him to break up the fight. That didn’t seem to matter to either of the goalies, because they decided to fight anyway — even with the linesman standing between them. Check this out!

Before I move on, I need to rant:

What is happening to hockey? Linesmen used to let players fight; only stepping in when the fight was over. Now, linesmen are breaking up fights before they even get started. It was very clear that Glover and Lotz were both willing combatants, and the linesman was still going to stop them from throwing blows anyway. I understand that he was trying to keep order, but it still breaks my heart as a hockey fan. Fighting is a part of the game — plain and simple. Quit trying to take fighting out of hockey!

Okay, now that’s out of my system…

Lotz is escaping this goalie fight without much damage, but the same can’t be said for Glover. He received two-minutes for instigating the fight, two-minutes for leaving the crease, five-minutes for fighting and a game-misconduct for his actions. The league also handed Glover a two-game suspension and fined the Thunderbirds $500 for the fight. As for Lotz, he received a five-minute major for fighting, but he was allowed to stay in the game while someone served the penalty for him.

It wasn’t the best goalie fight blow-for-blow, but you definitely won’t find a more entertaining goalie fight this year. I really hope the linesman learned a valuable lesson. If players want to fight…let them fight. They’ll find a way to drop the mitts if you’re standing in the way or not.

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Goalie Fight: Dustin Tokarski vs Eddie Pasquale

Goalie Fight Linesman

Austin Lotz, the linesman and Brandon Glover

Goalie Fight: Dustin Tokarski vs Eddie Pasquale

I know there are a lot of people who don’t care for hockey fights, but I love them. I played hockey growing up, so I understand their importance to the game. There are different types of hockey fights: the typical one-on-one bout, a line brawl and then there’s a goalie fight. It’s the most unusual (because of all the pads they wear) and rare hockey fight you’ll find. That’s why this goalie fight between Dustin Tokarski and Eddie Pasquale is such a gem.

The goalie fight between Dustin Tokarski and Eddie Pasquale happened in last night’s American Hockey League game between the Syracuse Crunch and St. John’s IceCaps. A line brawl broke out in the second period, which eventually resulted in 70 penalty minutes. Tokarski was dinged for leaving the crease, fighting and a game-misconduct, while Pasquale took penalties for leaving the crease, fighting and two game misconducts. The two goalies accounted for 44 of the brawl’s 70 penalty minutes.

The goalie fight clearly worked in Syracuse’s favor. The Crunch trailed the game 3-2 at the time, but rallied for four unanswered goals and a 6-3 win after the brawl. I think Dustin Tokarski was the clear winner in the fight, and that helped jump-start Syracuse. That’s one of the huge perks of a hockey fight — it fires up your teammates. That means Tokarski had as much an impact on that victory as anyone else, even though he was sitting in the locker room at the time of the comeback.

There’s a good chance you’ll see Dustin Tokarski and Eddie Pasquale in the National Hockey League at some point. Tokarski has actually played in the NHL already. He tended the net in seven games for the Tampa Bay Lightning over the last two seasons. He was a fifth round draft pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. I actually covered Tokarski when he played for the Western Hockey League’s Spokane Chiefs (he’s a good kid and I really hope he does well in the future). As for Pasqualle, he was a fourth round pick by the Atlanta Thrashers (who are now the Winnipeg Jets) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. He spent the last two seasons in the AHL after a successful run with the Belleville Bulls and Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey League.

While Dustin Tokarski and Eddie Pasquale are stuck in the minors for now, this goalie fight at least gives them some name recognition among hockey fans. Video of their goalie fight has spread all over the internet, so while they might not be NHL stars yet, they’re fight has gone viral. That’s something to brag about, isn’t it?

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Goalie Fight | Tokarski vs Pasquale

Dustin Tokarski vs Eddie Pasquale