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What happened to Low vs Diamond? That’s the question I asked myself this morning. So, being the music nerd that I am, I jumped online to find the answer. It turns out the group disbanded in 2010, and all of the members have shot off in different directions. Former Low vs Diamond frontman Lucas Field has actually started his own solo act, and he’s already released his debut LP.

Lucas Field Low vs Diamond Frontman

Low vs Diamond performing in Seattle

Before I dig too deep – I want to share a little background about Low vs Diamond: My sister introduced me to the band a few years ago after she saw them perform in Canada. Since we have a very similar taste in music, she knew I would like them — and I did. I listened to their album over and over again, especially when I was at the gym. I guarantee ‘Don’t Forget Sister‘ is one of the most played songs on my old iPod. ‘Heart Attack‘ and ‘Cinema Tonight‘ weren’t very far behind. I liked Low vs Diamond so much, I even saw them perform live in Seattle (probably not long before they broke up). My sister and I were both convinced these guys were destined for stardom. They even received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, performed on the Late Show With David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and then Low vs Diamond went silent.

Fast forward to 2012…

Lucas Field Singer Songwriter

Low vs Diamond lead singer Lucas Field now lives on a houseboat in Seattle with his basset hound Andre. At least that’s what his Twitter account says. Field released his debut LP called Conquest of Happiness in November of 2011. It’s a much, much different sound than I was expecting. I thought there would be some glimmer of Low vs Diamond in there, but it’s not even close. Field’s voice is familiar, but that’s about it. The album actually has an R&B/soul feel to it, and his website describes the LP as “old school lounge.”

It’s easy to hear that Lucas Field is a talented singer-songwriter, but his album definitely doesn’t blow me away. There’s just not a ton of variety, so a lot of the songs sound the same. I feel like I’m hearing to the same track over and over again, but I’m really not. With that said, there are a few jams I like. My favorite song on the album is ’Start From Scratch‘ and I also dig ‘Givin It All Ya Got‘.

I don’t know what’s ahead for Lucas Field, because there are no future tour dates listed on his website. Aside from a couple shows in California, it looks like Field pretty much just plays in Seattle (which is OK with me since I live in the Emerald City).

If you didn’t know Low vs Diamond, you might love Lucas Field as a solo act (and I hope you do). But for a guy who really liked Low vs Diamond, I find Lucas Field’s album disappointing. That’s not his fault; it’s mine. I went into this hoping to hear a new version of Low vs Diamond – instead I found “old school lounge.” I set my expectations way too high and they fell plenty short. It’s still honestly a little hard to swallow.

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