Cold War Kids Rock The Neptune In Seattle

I was a fan of the Cold War Kids before their performance last night in Seattle, but I’m an even bigger fan after watching them play at the Neptune Theatre. It’s the first live show I’ve ever seen at that venue, and it was perfect spot for the first stop on the Cold War Kids’ West Coast tour.

The night started with a quick set by Superhumanoid. They weren’t on stage for more than a half hour. I tried to listen to a few of their songs before the concert, but there wasn’t much that captured my attention. I can’t say the band really lured me in with their live performance either. The instruments were so loud that it was tough to hear the lyrics, plus the group really needs to learn how to perform. There was too much standing around and not enough passion.

Cold War Kids Neptune Theatre

The Cold War Kids at the Neptune Theatre

The same can’t be said for the Cold War Kids. They rocked the Neptune for about an hour and twenty minutes. The group played ‘Miracle Mile,’ ‘Loner Phase,’ ‘Fear & Trembling,’ ‘Tuxedos‘ and others off their new Dear Miss Lonelyhearts album, but they also reached back to many of their early hits. The Cold War Kids rocked ‘Audience,’ ‘Louder Than Ever,’ ’Royal Blue‘ and several more off their Behave Yourself EP and Mine Is Yours album.

Aside from ‘Hang Me Out To Dry,’ I honestly neglected the Cold War Kids’ Robbers & Cowards album. That means there were a few tunes I’d never really heard before during the concert. And to tell you the truth, they were some of my favorite songs of the set. I’m now totally stuck on ‘Hospital Beds’ and ‘We Used To Vacation.’ I immediately came home, bought the entire album and started listening to it. I just couldn’t get enough of the Cold War Kids.

NOTE: The band’s performance of ‘We Used To Vacation’ at the Neptune was particularly impressive. I believe the song is about an alcoholic that promises his family that he’ll never drink again, but he clearly can’t live up to his word. The Cold War Kids really put on a “show” during the song. They’re pleasant when the alcoholic is clean, and their instruments are destructive when he’s not. It was dramatic and the true definition of a “performance.” I was really impressed.

The Cold War Kids definitely know how to jam. The band was all over the stage (almost colliding with each other a few times), and lead singer Nathan Willet doesn’t hold anything back. The group is clearly passionate about their music. That passion rubbed off on the crowd, who quickly got caught up in everything unfolding on stage. I didn’t see one person in the venue who wasn’t moving to the music.

I’ve really started to dig into the Cold War Kids within the last month or so. They started to grow on me more and more, and now they’re officially stuck. I’ll never be able to get rid of them, but I don’t want to. I can’t wait for another opportunity to see these guys in person. They’re frickin’ awesome.

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