High School Halfcourt Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

It’s not quite college basketball’s March Madness, but high school hoops provide plenty of excitement in February. State championships hang in the balance throughout district, regional and state tournaments all over the country. Sometimes an entire season comes down to the final seconds of a game. In this instance, Kentwood (Wash.) High School star Jackson Huerta kept his team’s dreams alive with an amazing overtime halfcourt game-winning buzzer beater against Emerald Ridge High School.

Like the beginning of the video explains, Kentwood trailed Emerald Ridge 51-50 with 2.5 seconds left in a loser-out South Puget Sound League tournament game. Jeremy Harris calmly pushed the Emerald Ridge advantage to 52-50 after he made his free throw, but Kentwood wasn’t done. They gave the ball to Jackson Huerta, who quickly sprinted up the left side of the court. With two guys on him, Huerta fired off a halfcourt prayer before the buzzer. After a lucky bounce off the backboard, the front of the rim and the backboard again, the ball fell into the hoop for an unbelievable game-winning buzzer beater.

After his game-winner, Huerta told the Tacoma News Tribune that he felt good about his halfcourt shot the moment it left his hand:

“I am comfortable from the left (side),” Huerta said. “I spin it a little bit.”

That spin (or whatever it was Huerta did to make the game-winning buzzer beater) means Kentwood earned the final seed to the district tournament, while the miraculous shot ended the season for Emerald Ridge. It was a heartbreaking demise for the Jaguars and a thrilling victory for the Conquerors, and it shows just how much 2.5 seconds can actually mean in the game of basketball. I guess that’s why they call it madness.

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Jackson Huerta Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

Jackson Huerta just moments before he launched his game-winning buzzer beater.

65-Foot Buzzer Beater Wins High School Game

There are buzzer beaters, and then there are buzzer beaters. This is one of the most impressive game-winners I’ve seen in a long time. Brian Tyson of Olympic (Wash.) High School landed a 65-foot bomb to lift his team to a one-point victory on Wednesday night.

It’s a shot you have to see to believe. With his team trailing Kingston High School 56-54 with 2.7 seconds left in the game, Tyson took the inbounds pass from his teammate, dribbled twice, and heaved a three-quarter court shot to beat the buzzer and the Buccaneers, 57-56. Check this out!

Tyson’s game-winning buzzer beater left the Kingston players and fans stunned. They were left with nothing to do except stare in amazement as Tyson was mobbed by his teammates on the floor. It’s the ultimate example of “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”.

I captured an impressive three-quarter court buzzer beater last season, but it didn’t win the game. I was shooting a high school basketball game in Spokane when University High School star Brett Bailey (he’s heading to the University of San Diego next year) splashed home a long bomb at the end of the first quarter. Click here to see the video.

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VIDEO | 65-foot buzzer beater

Brian Tyson right before he launched his game-winner