Brian Okam Shoots The Worst Free Throw Ever

I’m not the most athletic guy on the planet, but there’s one thing I’ve never had a problem with on the basketball court: shooting free throws. It’s the easiest part of the game. I don’t understand how professional or college players can’t shoot from the line. That’s just bad basketball – but there’s also really bad. That’s where Brian Okam comes in. He shot what is being considered the worst free throw ever.

The “worst free throw ever” happened in last night’s game between Appalachian State and Western Carolina. With his team ahead 48-40 in the second half, Okam, a backup center for the Mountaineers, went to the free throw line for two shots. He made the first free throw, but his second shot didn’t go as well. The drum roll, please…

Yikes! I can see why people say that’s the worst free throw ever. It was so bad the color commentator was only left with “I’m not sure what that was. Good Lord.” I love that Okam rubbed his hands on his shorts to make it seem like the ball slipped out of his grasp. It reminded me of a baseball player looking at his glove after an error. I guess he needed to do something to save face.

Brian Okam | Worst Free Throw Ever

Brian Okam during his fateful free throw

That embarrassing free throw possibly had more implications than most people know. Western Carolina immediately went on a 13-4 run after that, and eventually beat Appalachian State 70-64. Okam, a transfer from Rutgers, finished the game 0-2 from the field and 1-4 from the free throw line. He’s shot %54 from the line in his career.

Okam’s terrible free throw comes on the heels of Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard losing a free throw and three-point contest against the Los Angeles Kings mascot (yes, he lost to a mascot). That leaves me with just one word for these guys: FUNDAMENTALS — learn them!

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