Nickname For Seattle Seahawks Linebackers

There are nicknames all over the Seattle Seahawks roster. Running back Marshawn Lynch is known as “Beast Mode,” quarterback Russell Wilson is nicknamed “Dangeruss” Wilson (thanks to his @DangeRussWilson twitter handle), and the Seahawks secondary goes by the “Legion of Boom.”

The Seahawks linebackers don’t have a nickname, and they don’t want to be left out anymore. During my interview with K.J. Wright yesterday, he said the linebacking corps is now searching for a moniker.

Nickname Seahawks Linebackers

Seahawks linebackers Bruce Irvin and Mike Morgan run through drills at yesterday’s OTA

“We have to come up with our own nickname,” Wright told me. “We were talking about that. We have to get our own little creed going. So, we’re going to have something for the upcoming season.”

I asked K.J. if they’ve come up with any ideas yet, but he said it was going to be a surprise. That means either: 1) these guys put some serious thought into it, and they’ve come up with something awesome, or 2) they talked about getting a nickname, they tossed around a couple of ideas and now it’s sitting on the back burner. I’m honestly leaning more toward #2 myself.

To help find a nickname for the Seattle Seahawks linebackers, I took to Twitter after practice. I asked the “12th Man” (another nickname associated with this football team) if they had any suggestions for K.J. and the linebacking corps. To no surprise, the ideas started rolling in. Name after name popped up on my account. Here are a few of the nicknames I heard:

The “Sound Barrier,” the “Black and Blue Crew,” “The Sultans of Stuff,” the “The SeaWall,” “Pike Posse” or the “Century Club,” the “Department of Defense,” “Stop, Drop & Blitz,” the “Legion of Doom” and the “Legion of Vroom,” “The Hurt Lockers” or the “Shifty Assassins,” the “Backbreakers” and many, many more.

I shared a few of the nicknames for the Seahawks linebackers on my sportscast last night, and that brought even more names to the mix through email and Twitter. The outpouring of suggestions quickly made me realize the Seattle fans are determined to give the linebackers a nickname.

So, I’m extending the search…

I’d love to hear any suggestions that you have! You can simply leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I’d love to hear your nickname for the Seahawks linebackers! If there’s a nickname you love that’s already been mentioned, let me know which one it is so I can add a tally next to it.

After I receive all of your suggestions, I’m taking the top nicknames directly back to K.J. Wright himself. I’ll do a follow-up story with him (depending on his availability) about what he thinks of your ideas. We’ll run that story on KOMO 4 News, but I’ll also share his thoughts right here on All Around Tim. Hopefully, by the September 8th opener against Carolina — we’ll have a nickname squared away for these guys!

Let’s hear your nicknames!


  1. Lou Contreras says:

    The Pain Unit

    Lou Contreras
    Bellevue, WA

  2. Lou Contreras says:

    In part as an homage to that great group of L.A. studio and session players; The Wrecking Crew

  3. Ken Mcmillan says:

    How about Sea Enforcers. Or Hawk Stuffer’s—

  4. Lou Contreras says:

    A couple of water references: The Bluenami, The Second Wave

  5. Lou Contreras says:

    A play on the Roy Orbison song, Blue Bayou. BLEW BY YOU, as in “I just blew by you!”

  6. Lou Contreras says:

    Mayhem Incorporated or Mayhem Inc.

  7. Lou Contreras says:

    The moniker of that 80′s Australian band; MEN AT WORK

  8. Lou Contreras says:

    Or that band from up north; The Crash Test Dummies

  9. Lou Contreras says:

    The Birds of Prey

  10. phillip pel says:

    Hawksauce;blue blast crew;project hawkeye

  11. Lou Contreras says:

    The “L” Pod, as in killer whale identification (“L” standing for Linebacker). Or as a play on words/a tie-in to our local tech community; i.e. iPod.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Emerald streak, Reigning on Your Parade, Reigning Raptors, Green Stream, Emerald Armory

  13. Sean Carney says:

    The Seattle Slew, The Pudget Pound. The Seattle Seven (Reference) for the front seven.

  14. Domain of pain

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