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I’ve always wondered how bands come up with their names. The Beatles, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Modest Mouse — the list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ve heard these groups a thousand times, but their names are really strange when you stop and think about it for a second (give it a try!). New bands keep coming up with new, interesting names. Here’s another one you can add to the list: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

The Thao part of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down is easy to understand. It’s the name of lead singer Thao Nguyen. The Get Down Stay Down part is little harder to grasp. Apparently Nguyen originally suggested “Thao & The Get Down” (which I personally think would be better), but it was later expanded to Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. When my sister suggested this group to me, I thought she was recommending two different bands. But in reality, she was suggesting one band with a long name.

It’s a unique name and it’s very fitting for a band that makes unique music. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down is San Francisco-based alternative folk rock group, and they just released a new album called We The Common in February. The most popular song on the album is the title track ‘We The Common (For Valerie Bolden)’. Take a listen!

NPR Music calls Thao Nguyen “one of the most commanding and distinctive young singers around.” They describe her as “quirky but cutting, playful but forceful, controlled but ragged.” I’ve seen a few different people actually lean toward the “quirky” description when talking about Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. It’s definitely a different sound, but one that I appreciate.

I can’t say I’m a fan of every track on We The Common, and I honestly have to be in the right mood to listen it. I’ve turned on Thao & The Get Down Stay Down a few times and loved them, but other times I get ten seconds into a song and shut them off. Some of the band’s other popular tracks (according to iTunes) are ‘The Feeling Kind‘, ‘Holy Roller‘ and ‘Kindness Be Conceived‘ (which is one of my personal favorites, because of the bluegrass feel).

I think you’re either a fan of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down or you’re not. I don’t see much of a middle ground, but I could be wrong (it’s happened several times before). I’m really interested to hear what you think of them. Please share your opinion in the comment section below or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also check out more from the world of music right now on I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Thao Nguyen


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