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I’ve loved music my entire life. I remember playing air drums to ‘Born in the USA’ on a road trip with my family when I was a little kid, jamming out to Sublime in high school and college with my friends, and now perusing the radio or iTunes for new jams these days. Over all that time, I never heard Spoon. They’ve been making music since 1993 (nearly 20 years of my life), and I’m just now listening to them for the first time.

I’ve always listened to music, but I really started digging into it over the last few years. That means I occasionally come across a band that I’ve missed along the way. I found the Pixies a couple of months ago (no, I’m not joking), and now Spoon is one of my new favorites. I guess it’s strange to call them “new,” but technically Spoon is new to me (even though they’ve been jamming for decades).

I was introduced to Spoon by a local radio station. I was driving home from work the other night and heard a jam that caught my attention. Luckily, I was just pulling into my garage, so I whipped out Shazam to find out what it was. The answer: ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb’ by Spoon. I immediately fell in love with it. Take a listen!

‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb’ is one of the best songs on Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album. There’s a good chance I’m telling you something you already know, because the album was released in 2007. After I heard ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb’ on the radio, I instantly bought the album and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. ‘Don’t Make Me a Target‘, ‘The Underdog‘ (which I’m pretty sure I heard in the past, but didn’t know it was Spoon) and ‘Black Like Me‘ are my other favorites.

I’m just now getting into Spoon, so there are years of tunes to catch up on. I’ve listened to a few jams on their Transference album (released in 2010), but I haven’t looked into much of their older stuff yet. It could honestly take me an entire week (or longer) to listen to everything Spoon has put out, because they’ve released seven albums since 1996 (who is this jerk calling them a New Music Discovery???). No matter how long it takes to backtrack — I’m sure it will be time well spent. From what I’ve heard so far, Spoon is totally worth it.

I’m not even going to ask if you’ve ever listened to Spoon, because chances are you have. Instead, I’ll just ask you what your favorite Spoon song is. Maybe you can help me pinpoint where to start in my search for other killer tunes. Please leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Don’t forget to also check out for more on the world of music, sports and travel.

New Music Discovery | Spoon



  1. Joshua Chalwe says:

    I discovered them a few years back, I heard ‘Believing is Art’, from the ‘Girls Can Tell’ album, and I loved the song, I got the rest of the album thinking I would hear a similar sound, but it wasn’t to be so, so I shelved it for like a year. The next year I listened to the whole album and something had changed, everything went together, my favourite music experience to date is listening to the album that second time, everything was perfect, I have since got all of their albums except for Telephono and their EP’s which I will get eventually. But still ‘Girls Can Tell’ is my favourite album, ‘Paper Tiger’ (from ‘Kill the Moonlight’) my favourite song, and yeah, I love almost all their tracks and Spoon is the best!

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