Lanesha Reagan | High-Flying Volleyball Star

Snohomish (Wash.) High School volleyball star Lanesha Reagan looks like a typical high school athlete, but she’s far from typical. That’s because she can almost jump out of the gym.

Lanesha Reagan Volleyball

Lanesha Reagan

Reagan is only 5’9″, but her vertical jump is 36 inches. To give you a feel for how high that actually is — Lanesha leaps eight inches higher than the average NBA player. She reaches as high as 10 feet 2 inches at her peak when she jumps. She can almost grab the rim on a regulation basketball hoop.

“I honestly don’t notice it at all,” Reagan told me. “It’s really natural. I feel like everyone jumps that high, I guess.”

Lanesha’s leaping ability has helped her become the top hitter in the state of Washington. Reagan is so good she’s even ranked as one of the best volleyball players in the country, and everyone is taking notice. Lanesha is one of 48 players from around the country in her age group invited to USA Volleyball training camp in Denver at the end of the year.

“Every now and then she’ll put a good swing down and us coaches will go, ‘Wow,” said Snohomish head coach Alex Tarin.

Lanesha, who does jump training to increase her leap, wants to spring even higher. Reagan’s goal is to reach 10 feet 8 inches. She told me she’d love to eventually dunk a basketball.

Lanesha Reagan Snohomish Volleyball

Lanesha Reagan showing off her hops on the hardwood

Reagan is only a junior, but she already knows where she’s going to college. Lanesha told me she visited the University of Washington and Gonzaga University (among others), but she ultimately committed to Oregon State University (because she has family near Corvallis) last season as a sophomore.

“I still look at film and I feel like I don’t jump very high,” Reagan said. “I just don’t see it, but it’s nice to know that I worked hard and people are noticing that I’m playing well.”

Lanesha says she doesn’t want to pursue a career in professional volleyball (there’s too much traveling involved), instead she wants to attend graduate school at New York University. Reagan would ultimately like to become an editor for a magazine one day.

It’s a cliché we hear all the time, but in this case it’s absolutely true: the sky is the limit for Lanesha Reagan.

BONUS: Check out the video below to get a feel for how high Lanesha Reagan can jump. This is the story I put together about her for my television station.

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