I Think Vince Vaughn Is Following Me

I think Vince Vaughn is following me. No, I’m not kidding. Well, maybe he’s not. He’s either following me, or Vince Vaughn and I just keep ending up in the same place at the same time. Come to think of it – it’s more than likely the latter. Whether I have an A-list stalker or it’s just a matter of odds, I keep crossing paths with the actor.

Actor Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

My first encounter with Vince Vaughn happened about two years ago in Las Vegas. My brother and I were strolling through the Cosmopolitan late at night when my brother suddenly said, “Dude, that was Vince Vaughn.” I didn’t see him, and my brother wanted to be sure his eyes didn’t deceive him, so we turned around to make sure it was actually him. My brother was spot on. Standing right there in the high rollers area (an isolated area away from the riffraff) was Vince Vaughn. We caught a glimpse of him and kept walking, but others took notice and were much more blatant — staring at him, talking about him (some almost screaming) and taking pictures.

My second incident with Vince Vaughn is just flat-out strange. It happened when my dad and I went to Chicago last December. We hopped on our flight to the Windy City, and the flight attendant introduced the flight crew. I missed the captain’s name, but the co-pilot was a guy named Vince Vaughn. Knowing that the actor Vince Vaughn actually lives in Chicago, and I’d recently crossed paths with the guy in Las Vegas, my dad and I looked at each other kind of funny. To make sure we heard her correctly, my dad asked the flight attendant if that was really our co-pilot’s name. She confirmed that it was. To be funny, my dad and I were going to take a picture with the co-pilot after the flight (to post on Facebook joking that we met Vince Vaughn), but by the time we landed in Chicago we forgot. So, just hours later, my dad and I are at the Tavern on Rush in Chicago. I was sitting right next to the window, but not much was happening outside. I did notice a police offer approach a guy and shake his hand though. Well, it wasn’t just some random dude — it was Vince Vaughn (the actor — not the co-pilot). It looked like Vaughn was just on a late night walk with his wife and kid. Vaughn talked to officer for a minute or two (they were literally at arms reach if the window wasn’t in the way), and then he continued on his way. I can’t even explain how bad I wish we had taken a picture with the co-pilot, because my dad and I both agreed that we would have asked the actor for a picture as well. That would have been the perfect way to cap an improbable story. We wanted proof it actually happened, because we knew there would be skeptics. I mean…seriously…what are the odds?!

My next encounter with Vince Vaughn happened just a couple of weeks later. This time he was in my city. I was working in Spokane at the time, and was out covering some high school basketball. My phone suddenly started vibrating like crazy. A friend of mine (who knew about my previous meetings with Vince Vaughn) texted to tell me that her friend had walked by Vince Vaughn at Northern Quest Resort and Casino, while my brother texted to say he’d just seen Vaughn on ESPN Friday Night Fights which was being held at — you guessed it — Northern Quest Resort and Casino. I’m not really sure why Vaughn was at the boxing event, but he was with actor/director Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from A Christmas Story). This time I didn’t see Vaughn with my own eyes, but it was still really random. It’s not often a guy like Vince Vaughn is seen hanging out in Spokane.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn at Wrigley Field

I didn’t see Vince Vaughn in my final story either. It was just a matter of being in the same city at the same time again. My dad, brother and I went to Chicago in June for a baseball trip that included a game at Wrigley Field. The Cubs have a special guest sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch of every home game, so my dad, brother and I put in guesses as to who the performer would be. We jokingly talked about how funny it would be if it was Vince Vaughn. Well, it wasn’t. Instead we were treated to a terrible rendition of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ by former Cubs relief pitcher Lee Smith. I was surfing the web the next day and started reading a game story from the night before (we went to the game on Sunday, so I was reading about the Cubs game that happened on Saturday). At the bottom of the article were a few bonus notes, including the fact that Vince Vaughn threw out the first pitch and sang ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ on Saturday night at Wrigley Field. That means we missed Vaughn by just one day, making it another close encounter.

Seeing Vince Vaughn once is pretty wild, but having four different stories about the guy is just flat out weird. I feel like I’m a magnet for celebrities though (take last night for example — I randomly saw soccer star Abby Wambach in Seattle), so maybe it’s not that strange after all. I’ll probably have a fifth Vince Vaughn story coming soon – especially if he keeps following me around.

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