I Rolled My Ankle Doing What?!

I’ve suffered some stupid injuries in my life, but this one easily takes the cake. In fact, I shouldn’t even share this story with you. The only reason I do tell you about this is so it can serve as a public service for the rest of the world: Beware of mini basketball hoops!

Well, that’s not exactly fair to the mini basketball hoop. My old, out-of-shape body is likely to blame for this ridiculous story. Here goes nothing…

mini basketball hoop KOMO office

The mini basketball hoop in our office

Just hours before the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers faced off on Monday Night Football (in what turned out to be the craziest game I’ll ever see in person), my photographer Paul and I were messing around at work. There’s a mini basketball hoop attached to the top of the door in our sports office that we usually just shoot around on. That apparently wasn’t good enough on this day, so to spice things up I made an athletic move (by my definition) to the hoop. I had Paul pass me the rock, and then acting like I did during warm ups as a kid, I drove to the rack for a left-handed layup. Little did I think about the unwrapped stack of printer paper holding the door open. I impressively (again, by my definition) made the bucket, but my right foot landed on the corner of the paper — rolling my ankle.

That’s right — I rolled my ankle playing on a mini basketball hoop. I felt two things at that moment: 1) extreme pain and 2) extreme embarrassment. I didn’t do it in front of an audience of one, instead I did it in front of my photographer Paul. Well, not only did I hurt myself in front of Paul, he was also the only thing in front of me after I rolled my ankle, so I grabbed on to him for support (otherwise I would have crumpled to the floor like a complete idiot). Paul was laughing so hard it was impossible to think. All I could do was squeeze his arm as hard as I could to take my mind off my throbbing ankle. Feeling like I was going to break his arm, and figuring he needed that arm to shoot Monday Night Football, Paul finally forced me to get off him.

I Rolled My Ankle On This Stack Of Paper

The stack of paper I rolled my ankle on (you can see the scuff mark from my shoe)

It hurt to walk, so I immediately downed ibuprofen to ease the pain. It didn’t help that I needed to be on my feet for the rest of the night, wandering the sidelines at CenturyLink Field. I’m not sure if it was the medicine or the adrenaline of covering Monday Night Football (and the crazy outcome), but I actually survived the rest of the night without too many ankle issues. The next day wasn’t as good to me. All swollen up, I could hardly walk after I woke up. The pain eventually started going away, but it honestly still bothers me nearly two weeks later.

I made that same incredible move to a mini basketball hoop in my playroom as a kid a million times and never had an issue, so this is either a sign that I’m getting old, I don’t have any athletic ability left in my bones, or I’m just flat out stupid. Whatever the excuse is (likely a combination of all three) – with a tear in my eye (because of the pain in my ankle; not the sadness) — I hereby retire from mini basketball.

Have you ever rolled your ankle playing mini basketball (highly doubtful)? What’s the weirdest injury you’ve ever suffered? I’d love to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below or you can connect with me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Don’t forget to also check out more on http://allaroundtim.com!


  1. Jayme Shoun says:

    Hi Tim!

    This is a super old post- but highly entertaining in need of a reply. :)

    I severely rolled my ankle falling into a grate while playing an epic game of kickball for an office team builder. Yep.

    I was running to catch the ball and didn’t realize that there was a small depression in the park we were playing at, with a storm drain/grate. Well, needless to say, I went one way and my body went the other way. I was in extreme pain, thought it was broken but played it off while sitting on the sidelines. My team won!

    My ankle was in bad, bad shape the next day and the following weeks. Puffy, swollen with a giant, gnarly bruise. I walked with a limp for about 3 weeks. I probably should have gone to see a doctor (I’m sure I fractured something) but I was/am much too stubborn. Besides, my dad as a football coach, has loads of experience wrapping before games and he wrapped my ankle a few times. Now, about 4 years later, my former injured left ankle is “healed” but will always look slightly different than my right. Quirks I guess.

    To this day, my nearest and dearest call out the warning of “GRATE!” anytime we walk over one, approach a grate or when I am just my normal clutzy self. It doesn’t matter where we are- Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas…..my own house. :)

    Embarassing yes, but it always sparks up fits of laughter! Beware of office games!


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