Gonzaga Basketball Trick Shots Video

The Gonzaga men’s basketball team is one of the best shooting teams in the country. They have the second best field goal percentage in the nation, landing more than 50% of their shots. That’s an impressive stat, but the shots the Zags make when they’re just messing around are even more impressive. Thanks to a Gonzaga basketball trick shots video, we get to see what these guys are capable off when they’re not in the national spotlight.

The Gonzaga basketball trick shots video features guards Kevin Pangos, Kyle Dranginis, Drew Barham and Rem Bakamus. They use trampolines, bicycles, walls, elastic bands, chairs and just about anything else they can find to drain buckets. They can also bomb from long distance. The Zags land multiple shots from halfcourt, high in the stands and even from the rafters inside McCarthey Athletic Center. My words can only say so much — you really have to watch the Gonzaga basketball trick shots video to believe it:

If Pangos, Dranginis, Barham and Bakamus weren’t enough, the Gonzaga basketball trick shots video also showcases PGA Tour golfer Kyle Stanley dialing up a long distance bucket. Stanley is from Gig Harbor, Washington, and as the video describes, he’s a big Gonzaga basketball supporter (even though he went to Clemson). Stanley is no slouch on the golf course either. He chalked up his first professional win at the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open. At 25 years old, Stanley has a bright future on the links.

I think every shot on the Gonzaga basketball trick shots video is really impressive, but my favorite bucket is when Barham and Pangos team up at the 5:14 mark. Barham, who is standing near the free throw line with his back toward the bucket, bounces a ball high into the air. Pangos, who is just beyond the three-point arc, throws his basketball at Barham’s and deflects Barham’s ball toward the hoop and in. It’s truly unbelievable.

The Gonzaga basketball trick shots video came out in September and it already has more than 100,000 views. I covered the Bulldogs when I was a sportscaster in Spokane, but I’m clearly behind the times now. I honestly just saw highlights from the trick shot video during yesterday’s Gonzaga broadcast, and just watched the entire video for the first time this morning. Since I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen the video, I think it’s worth sharing — but not just for the incredible shots.

I think the Gonzaga basketball trick shots video showcases college basketball at it’s best. We often forget these are just kids when we watch these guys on game night. Pangos, Dranginis, Barham and Bakamus are only freshmen, sophomores and juniors, so they’re probably only 20 years old or younger. The Gonzaga basketball trick shot video gives us a much-needed reminder that these are simply college students — not multi-million dollar NBA stars — having a good time. It’s refreshing to see these guys cutting through all the pressure and just having a little fun.

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Gonzaga Basketball Trick Shot Video

Drew Barham gets ready to fire away on the Gonzaga basketball trick shots video

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